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The Hidden Meaning in Tulip Varieties

In the Victorian age, long before text messages, courting couples used flowers to send love notes to each other, and the language of flowers was created. Each flower was given a ‘secret’ significance. This meant a whole gamut of emotion could be expressed through a bouquet.

So What are the Modern Meanings?

Many of these floral meanings have carried through to modern times. For example, you probably associate red roses and true love.

But, it is not only the red rose that speak of true love, the red tulip is also a symbol of adoration and passion. The red petals are their lovers heart, and the centre is said to have turned black from the flames of passion.  How could anyone say no to that? Red tulips are the traditional flower for your 11th wedding anniversary (and they are fortunately a lot cheaper than roses!).


It’s Not all about the Reds…

For some, the most beautiful tulips are the ‘broken’ or striped tulips with bright colour through their petals. When you give these tulips to someone you are sending the message that ‘they have beautiful eyes’.

A yellow tulip was originally a symbol of hopeless love or jealousy. Over the years, this meaning has evolved into something more cheerful (probably under the influence of modern day florists, and lovers of yellow flowers everywhere) into ‘cheerful thoughts and well wishes’. Doubtless it is best you clarify this with the receiver!


Need to say “Sorry”?

Forgot your anniversary, or that it was your turn to cook … then white tulips are the flower you need. Send white tulips to someone for whom you need forgiveness. NB add chocolate in extreme cases!

Cream tulips on the other hand are a representation of commitment, they are given to the ones you hold dear.

Pink tulips are an expression of friendship, or just because! Send these to someone when you want to show you care.


Who Wouldn’t Want an Admiration Message

On the off chance you are seeking a tulip for the Queen, then purple is the colour you need. Purple tulips are associated with royalty, or admiration.

So there you have it, be it a bunch or a bulb, when next you send your tulips you can send more than just a pretty flower!