Aquilegia Swan Series Collection

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The Aquilegia 'Swan Series' is a superior strain of Aquilegia that flowers well without the need for the really cold weather that most Aquilegias require. They have been selectively bred for larger, more prolific flowers over compact, dense foliage. Plus, the blooms are more upward facing, to best show their beauty. What is more the long stems mean they are good for picking.

Aquilegias are an elegant foil for the fading foliage of the spring bulbs, as their new foliage starts growing in early spring when the bulbs are going into senescence.

The Aquilegia 'Swan Series' is suitable for growing in a lightly shaded to morning sun position. You could plant them in borders, as massed plantings, in beds or in containers.

After the initial flowering has finished, you can cut the stems back to the basal foliage and add some fertiliser to encourage more blooms. You can leave the last flowers of the season to form seed heads for future generations of plants, keeping in mind seedlings are unlikely to flower true to type as Aquilegias hybridise easily.

Aquilegias really are a cottage garden essential with sweet flowers and delightful lacy foliage. It is hard to show how really amazing they are, you need to try them for yourself.

Collection, one of each variety, separately labelled. Includes Colorado, Georgia, Virginia and Louisiana.

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Botantical name

Aquilegia x cultorum






Spring to Summer


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs