Pacific Coast Iris Heart's Desire 07

Pacific Coast Iris Heart's Desire 07

Garden jewels.

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Heart melting flowers. Soft, creamy yellow falls with a strong purple blush and deeper veining. The standards are matching yellow with some venation.

Pacific Coast Iris has lovely, narrow strappy foliage year round that forms handsome, compact mounds. The flowers bloom from early to mid spring (October-November), maybe a little longer especially in cool zones, and have large falls and proud, upright standards, generally with a nice ruffle to the petals. The flowers sit above the foliage availing their beauty to all who pass.

Pacific Coast Iris are incredibly useful landscape plants. Their evergreen foliage is handsome year round and can be used to line driveways, mass plantings, in garden beds, or even in pots where they can be used in combination with annuals or perennials, their foliage acts as a nice spiller.

Pacific Coat Iris are also known as Californian Iris as they are endemic the west coast of the United States of America. They thrive in humus rich (acidic) well drained soils. They grow best with our wet winter weather and dry summer conditions. Ideally they should be shaded from the hot afternoon sun and they don’t like humidity. They like similar conditions to Azaleas.

Pacific Coast Iris as known as hybrids as they have been bred from 11 different species, Iris bracteata, I. chrysophylla, I. doublasiana, I. fernaldii, I. hartwegii, I. innominata, I. macroiphon, I. munzii, I. purdyi, I. tenax and I. tenuissima. This variety has led to a spectacular variety of flowers.

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Botantical name

Iris x hybrid






Early to Mid Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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