Warm Tone Dahlias (reduced) Collection

Warm Tone Dahlias (reduced) Collection

Dazzling highlights.

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Warm colours are all about spectacle?and work to draw your eye in the garden the vivid colours create dazzling highlights. Individually these hot blooms are impressive, grouped together they are magnificent.

It is best to hold off on planting your tubers, until the soil warms, mid October, to early November depending on where you live. Dahlias are an absolute delight and make brilliant garden plants. They are long flowering, boast lush foliage, come in a huge array of colours shapes and sizes, and are easy to care for.

Dahlias have so many flowers, it is easy to enjoy them in the garden and to fill your vases. The blooms generally open December to April.

Plant Dahlias into moist, humus rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot, they need at least six hours of sun to flower well. If you have the time, we recommend digging a well rotted manure though the soil prior to planting. Plant the tuber around 10cm deep. It is a good idea to stake tall/large flowered varieties at the time of planting to avoid root disturbance later on. It is a good idea to allow for good air flow between the plants.

You don’t need to water your Dahlias in after planting, just keep them moist once they start to grow above the ground. Adding a slow release tomato fertiliser in early summer and some Sulphate of Potash, then mulch will help get the best of the blooms.

Dahlia flowers are excellent for cutting, and last well in a vase, and by cutting the flowers you will encourage more blooms. When you cut the flowers, it is a good idea to do it in the morning as they have a higher moisture content and so will last longer. Cut the stems so you are taking at least two leaves, this prunes the plant back far enough to encourage more flowers and bushy growth. Any spent flowers left on the plant should be removed as they brown, in a similar cutting method to encourage more blooms.

Dahlia tubers don’t really need to be lifted if the soil is well drained and you don’t live in areas where the soil will freeze or get overly moist in their dormancy.

Dahlias were discovered in Mexico in the 1700’s. They were named after the Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl.

Warm Tone Dahlia Collection, one of each variety separately labelled. Includes ‘Mrs Naughton’, ‘Bollywood Dancer’, ‘April Glory’, ‘Cornflake’, ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Palomino’.

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Dahlia hybrid






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

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Half Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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