Fringed Tulips

With extravagant petals, these flowers have all the frills! These unusual tulips will create wonderful displays in your garden. Their unique shape lends beautifully to the texture of the garden.

  • Fringed Tulip Louvre

    A true sensation.

  • Fringed Tulip Daytona

    Classic beauty.

  • Fringed Tulip Queensland

    A royal bloom!

  • Fringed Tulip Fabio

    Light my fire!

  • Fringed Tulips Collection

    All the frills.

  • Fringed Tulip Purple Crystal

    Petals to please.

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    Fringed Tulip Curly Sue

    Totally frilling.

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    Fringed Tulip Versace

    Iconic flowers.

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