Shallots Gold

Shallots Gold

Tasty and easy to grow.

Out of season.

Not available to WA and TAS


Restricted:WA, TAS
Climate:Cool to Mediterranean
Aspect:Full Sun to Semi Shade
Supplied as:Bulbs
Water needs:1

Gold Shallots have a mild taste that combines the sweet flavour of onion with a hint of garlic. Gold Shallots are ideal in French dishes and delicious in soup or stews.
The flavour of Shallots is valuable in cooking as it has a similar but less overpowering taste than onions.
Shallots are easy to grow, requiring a well drained soil and a sunny spot. Each bulb will produce 6-12 bulbs in a season. Keep shallots moist during growth, they have a short root system so regular watering is important for good bulb growth. Fertilise your Shallots well for best production.
We recommend saving a few choice bulbs for replanting next season.

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