Rose 'Dark Desire'

Rose 'Dark Desire'

Deeply desirable.

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The violet red blooms unfurl from dark, almost black buds. Each flower is lustrous and full with up to 60 petals, and averaging 10cm across. Rose 'Dark Desire' is a beautiful rose from famed German breeders Kordes, it is part of their ambrosial Parfuma range.

Released at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2017, it easily took out 'Favourite Rose' in the visitor vote - with such an impressive selection on show that is an impressive feat. It also took out Bronze for fragrance at Australia's Rose Trials. In 2014 it prestigious ADR award which is indicative of its robust nature and disease resistance.

The fragrance of Rose 'Dark Desire' is an impressive 5/5 on our fragrance scale. The breeders had a professional perfumer analyse the fragrance and they picked up strong notes of rose (both classic and geranium), lemon, elderflower, myrrh and peach as well as earthy tones. The full description is below.*

Rose 'Dark Desire' is a Hybrid Tea Rose with glossy, dark green foliage. It grows up to 120cm tall and 100cm wide. It is black spot and mildew resistant too.

Would any other Rose smell as sweet? Tesselaar has selected this Rose variety especially for its fragrance, you can rest assured it is also vigorous, hardy and disease resistant.

Rose bushes are upright, elegant shrubs that are adorned twice a year with spectacular, showy blooms.

The basics of rose care are simply ...

1. Keep the plants moist at all times, but never allow the roots to sit in water.

2. Feed generously, and frequently, two or three times over the flowering season.

3. Keep pests to a minimum (this is usually not a problem if you start with a strong variety, and keep it well watered and well fed).

4. Prune back once a year.

5. Keep the area around the roots weed free, and ensure 4-6 hours of sun per day. Loamy soils are ideal, though Roses will grow in heavy top soils (if well drained) and sandy soils (if kept watered and fed more frequently). For Roses to thrive, good drainage is critical.

When providing your roses with a supporting show and companion planting try and leave a bit of space around their root zone clear.

*Kordes Perfumer descriptions: The floral and fruity aspects of the fragrance resonate in total harmony. The classic notes of rose are enhanced with a touch of lemon and a base note of rose geranium. Litchi gives a bright lively note. Also present are the scents of elder flower, peach and plum. The scents rest on a sweet bed of honey and earth tones.

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