Aeschynanthus Curly Lipstick Vine

Aeschynanthus Curly Lipstick Vine

An attention grabber in pots and baskets.

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Curly Lipstick Vine is a new twist on an old favourite. The leaves have beautiful texture, curling in on each other. The plant is well branched and spills beautifully over the sides of pots or hanging baskets. They make excellent house plants. The lipstick red flowers put on a spectacular show and open almost year round.

It is known as the Lipstick Plant because the red flowers gradually emerge from mahogany calyxes.

In warm (sub tropical to tropical) climates it can stay outdoors year round. In cool climates they can grow outdoors during spring and summer but once temperatures are consistently below 20C they are better off indoors.

Indoors they grow well in artificial light, or by a bright window – if there is not enough light you will know because they won’t set flower. In too much light the foliage will scorch.

In pots use a good quality potting mix. They grow at a moderate to steady pace, pinch out the growing tips to encourage a bushy plant and encourage more blooms. Add a diluted liquid fertiliser every month spring to winter in pots or hanging baskets for best flowers. Reduce watering in winter. They are epiphytes so drainage is very important.

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Botantical name

Aeschynanthus radicans var. lobbianus






Spring to winter


Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Filtered light

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