Sweet Peas Lovin Feeling Blend

I'd get down on my knees for you.

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Baby I know it, this blend will look wonderful in the garden! Mauve blue, white and vermillion red. These colours work together like magic to bring that loving feeling.
Who could resist the ambrosial abundance of sweet peas? They are romantic, old fashioned favourites that are hard to get enough of!

We are continually searching for the best varieties out there and we have uncovered the most impressive Sweet Peas yet. ‘Sweet Seduction Sweet Peas’ were bred for the cut flower market; they are vigorous with long, strong stems and flower freely with a delightful perfume. We are totally impressed with their vigour and lovely long stems.

If you sow a succession of sweet peas you can have a display that lasts you from spring to autumn. Basically, if you plant them in spring they will bloom in autumn and vice versa, there is around a 12 week wait from planting to bloom.

Sweet peas need a support to grow on, you can use tee pees, bamboo poles, plastic or jute netting, an old gate, wire mesh etc.

Plant your ‘Sweet Seduction’ Sweet peas in humus rich, moist well drained soil. They will produce plenty of flowers if they have a nutrient rich base. It is a good idea to add regular doses of fertiliser, slow release or liquid. Plant in a sunny position and ensure good drainage and air flow.

Once your sweet peas are up and growing you need to cut the flowers regularly. This is fantastic as you are able to fill your home with the gorgeous, perfumed blooms and the more you pick, the more that will flower.

Make sure you keep your sweet peas well watered, if they dry out they are likely to go to seed sooner. You will get up to three months blooms from each planting.



Botantical name

Lathyrus odoratus






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs