Indian Hyacinth Zwanenburg

Late season blue plumes.

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Camassia ‘Zwanenburg’ flowers as the spring days warm and turn to summer, keeping the bulb season blooming. They love bog gardens, but will grow just as well in garden soil, relishing the spring rains.

The soft, wisteria blue flower spikes are glorious and grow up to 70cm tall with blooms stretching up to 40cm along them. If the weather is kind they will bloom for up to three weeks. The flowers are also suitable for picking.
The daffodil like leaves have wavy edges and grow 40-80cm long. It must be said the leaves can be a bit lazy and may be best hidden by neighbouring plants.

Plant Camassia ‘Zwanenburg’ in humus rich, moist, well drained soil. They thrive in a full sun to semi shade location. Water in well and keep moist in active growth. This plant is native to damp meadow areas of North America, there the bulbs were cooked and eaten by the Native Americans.

Camassia ‘Zwanenburg’ are suitable for borders, rockeries, by streams or ponds and grass or meadow planting. The bulbs are long lasting and will gradually multiply. The bulbs are best left to naturalise and should only be lifted as they become overcrowded.



Botantical name

Camassia cusickii






Late spring to summer


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs