Syringa Manchurian Lilac

Syringa Manchurian Lilac

Robust and garden worthy.

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A rare beauty well worth growing with large, multi stemmed plumes of pointed petals. It is quick to grow and flower with impressive size and vigour. They are wonderful for picking and will fill your home with perfume.

Manchurian Lilac has excellent disease resistance and is cold and dry hardy. Surprisingly we have noted this heritage form to be easier and tougher than many of the modern lilacs.

Grow Manchurian Lilac as an informal hedge, as part of a bed or as a specimen. In autumn the dark green, heart shaped leaves turn yellow before they fall.

Water to establish, then only if rainfall is low, they don’t like wet feet. Lilacs develop a deep root system and will become dry tolerant as they establish. Plant into well drained, loamy soil, a slightly alkaline PH is best for growth. Position Lilacs in a sunny location, they need at least six hours sun a day to flower well but light shade will be tolerated.

Fertilise annually with an all purpose fertiliser high in phosphorous to promote growth. It is a good idea to mulch with a well rotted cow or sheep manure with a hand full of blood and bone in winter. We have also heard it recommended a final covering of mushroom compost will sweeten the soil and keep the plant healthy and strong.

Prune lightly after flowering as required. A medium, deciduous shrub.

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Size: 10cm



Botantical name

Syringa wolfii






Spring to summer


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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