Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies Silk Road

Super sized bulbs.

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Lilium ‘Silk Road’ has stunning white blushed pink petals. The beet red colour is strongest in the centre of the flower.
Lilium ‘Silk Road’ is a heavy producer, the strong stems are packed with blooms. Each flower is big, up to 20cm across with a strong fragrance.
Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies are the biggest and the best Lilium bulbs on offer. The bulbs are huge, which means you can expect plenty of flowers from the get go. Why are they so big? Because they have been grown by the cut flower industry and once they reach a certain size, they actually have too many flowers! This is not so good in bunches but fantastic in the garden.

Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies are perfect for adding glamour and fragrance to the garden. They are also tough, and able to withstand our hot summers.

Plant your Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies in a sunny spot, water to establish, then keep them moist in active growth for best blooms.

Ensure you fertilise your Sumo Oriental Lilies well this will make certain of optimum flowers. Fertilise them with an all purpose fertiliser when you first see growth, then again as the flowers are fading.

In warmer climates, if you grow your Sumo Oriental Liliums in part shade or morning sun the flowers last longer.

Gorgeous in the garden, perfect for pots and cut flowers too.



Botantical name

Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs