Ranunculus Elegance Striato Bianco

Ranunculus Elegance Striato Bianco

Exciting new Ranunculus.

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Voluptuous creamy petals with a streaked, purple edge. A picture could never do this flower justice, it is so full and the colour so different to anything we have seen. I know it seems expensive for just one corm, but treat them right and they will be back year after year, and each corm has abundant flowers – so really when you compare it to a bunch of flowers the price isn’t so bad.
Taking Ranunculus to a new level, these newly developed cultivars are sure to impress. Italian breeders have improved on the traditional plants through thousands of crosses, and selecting out the best of the best. The flowers are big and uniform and there are plenty of them. Elegance Ranunculus will flower a little earlier and their blooms are even bigger and more prolific than the run of the mill Ranunculus.

Ranunculus are one of the most rewarding spring bulbs to grow and their bountiful display is absolute value for money. Elegance Ranunculus blooms show will bring you around six weeks of stunning colour. When cut, Ranunculus flowers will easily last over a week in a vase. We really can`t sing their praises loudly enough!

Plant the Octopus like Ranunculus tubers in autumn, feed well and by the time spring rolls around you will be taken aback with the beauty of these blooms.

Plant Elegance Ranunculus into a humus rich, well drained soil. Water to establish and keep moist during active growth. They grow best in a full sun to light shade position.

Because Ranunculus tubers are so small and they produce so many flowers you need to fertilise them well so they can perform at their best. Feed them like you would a teenage boy, plenty and often!

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Botantical name

Ranunculus asiaticus








Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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