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Perennial Phlox Volcano Pink with Red Eye

Flowers with fragrance.

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Volcano Phlox are flowering machines! The bloom reliably through the hot days of summer and autumn with a lovely, sweet fragrance. Bright pink petals with a red eye.
Volcano Phlox sing in single colour combinations or mixed together with a range of similar tones. They marry well with roses, daylilies, lilies and grasses.
Volcano Phlox are brilliant in borders and beds, rockeries or containers. They look their best when planted en masse and you will have blooms from January to April. The flowers are also suitable for picking, have lovely strong stems and last well in a vase.

Plant Volcano Phlox in moderately fertile to humus rich, moist, well drained soil. Choose a position that is sheltered from the hot afternoon sun and with good air circulation. Water to establish and keep moist in active growth. Volcano Phlox are strong growers and have amazing mildew resistance. And, unlike other Phlox, even if they are affected by mildew, they will still flower. To help avoid mildew, it is best to water the ground, rather than the foliage.

Volcano Phlox grow best in areas with cold winters. In temperate zones make sure you keep the moisture up when they are in active growth. To prolong the flowering, dead head spent blooms as you go. Or after the first flush, remove the stems to about a quarter, add some fertiliser and water it in, you will have another bloom season in no time.
Dig and divide every three or four years to keep them vital. They will settle in and gradually multiply. They are good plants to make friends with because these cuttings can be shared.

Botanically, Phlox translates to; 'brightly coloured blooms' and that is definitely a good descriptor for these prolific flowers. Phlox originates in the woodlands of NE North America.



Botantical name

Phlox paniculata






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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