Lachenalia Sweet Soldier Boys

Lachenalia Sweet Soldier Boys

Chameleon charmers.

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Joyously handsome from bud to bloom, this floral chameleon is a garden asset. The long season of colour begins as early as August and lasts into September.

On electric blue to purple stems, the violet bells ring out, then, as they age they make an amazing transformation to gold. The colouring can vary slightly but no matter the variant you are guaranteed a stunning show.

The mid green leaves have decorative, red leopard spot shadows all over, as do the stems.

Lachenalia look good planted at the front of beds and borders, in rockeries, along pathways or in pots.

Lachenalias are South African natives that thrive with winter rain. To grow at their best, Lachenalia mutabilis needs sharply drained soil and a sunny spot. They will tolerate some shade but flower better with a good dose of sun.

Plant 2-3cm deep and space 5-10cm apart. Water in then keep just moist in growth. Add a little fertiliser when they begin to bloom and that is about all you will need to do. These are easy care bulbs that can be left in the ground to naturalise.

Try combining the early flowering Lachenalia with other early spring bulbs such Grape Hyacinths, early Daffodils or Spring star flowers.

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Botantical name

Lachenalia mutabilis






Winter to Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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