Digitalis 'Carillon'

Digitalis 'Carillon'

Compact and colourful.

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Foxglove ‘Carillon’ is a dwarf, evergreen plant that has plenty of glorious yellow flower spikes. The florets are handsomely decorated with little brown freckles. There is no need for staking, this is an easy care choice.

This robust perennial variety will flower reliably for many years. It holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit so you know it has been put through its paces.

The rosette of foliage sticks close to the ground and remains evergreen. It is ideal to cut the flowers off at the base with a knife/snips to encourage more stems to grow.

These tall, showy, perennial plants are a striking addition to the garden because they add a nice element of vertical colour. Foxgloves, or Digitalis look best grouped toward the middle or back of a bed, where their tall blossoms will create moments of joy.

Foxglove blooms start to open at the bottom of the stalks and gradually move upward, providing fantastic, successive colour over the weeks.

Plant Foxgloves into well drained soil, water in and keep moist in active growth. They should be sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. This perennial foxglove sets viable seed which can be left to naturalise, or collected for sowing. They will flower from the seed in their second year.

Our tip – if you are keen to cut the flowers and want to get the best longevity, cut them in the morning, when the florets are one third to half open. Put them into water right away or they tend to wilt.

The individual flowers are about the size and shape of a thimble. Fairies are said to have sewn gloves for foxes from their petals, so they could sneak in and steal the chickens

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Size: 10 cm



Botantical name

Digitalis grandiflora








Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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10 cm

Water needs