Honeysuckles Gold Flame

Flaming brilliant!

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Honeysuckle vines offer easy care flowers with a wonderful fragrance. Each floret is around 5cm long and are deep rose pink with a soft gold interior. In the right conditions, the flowers are followed by ornamental red berries that the birds enjoy. This cultivar has a more intense colouring than the common form. Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

The leaves are deep green, with a blue green reverse. Quick to establish and grow. The branches are not self twining, so you will need to tie them to their support.

Honeysuckle ‘Gold Flame’ holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Plant Honeysuckle in full sun to semi shade. Choose a moderately fertile to humus rich, well drained soil. Water to establish, then only if rainfall is low, they are dry tolerant once established. Beneficial insects and birds love these flowers. A winter prune will keep them bushy and vital.

You could choose to prune Honeysuckle ‘Gold Flame’ into a small shrub, or take the easy route and let the twining stems ramble through trees or shrubs, along walls or fences, through pergolas or trellises, or wherever needs decorating.

In cold climates it may be deciduous, the leaves will turn yellow before falling in winter. It will quickly reshoot as the weather warms.



Botantical name

Lonicera x heckrottii






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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