The Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant

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A statement piece, this is one of the most hunted for house plants out there, and is all over Instagram. The leaf structure and beauty has seen it lusted after by house holders and hipsters alike. They are a rarity to indulge in.
The mid to dark green, shiny leaves are almost a perfect circle with a central stem (paltate). They open on branched stems along a short, narrow trunk. It is a good idea to rotate your pots every so often, otherwise you will find they can become a little lopsided, I do this every time I water.
When they are happy they will multiply through stolons in the pot which can then be potted on and shared.
Common names for Pilea peperomioides include The Chinese Money Plant or Baby Pilea or Missionary Plant or Pass it On Plant.
Size: 15-30cm x 10-30cm
I see the light: Bright, indirect light is ideal. You should be able to read during the day in their position in the room without turning on a light. If you only have artificial light, they will need about eight to ten hours a day.
Water needs: Water then allow the top soil of the pot to dry out before watering again – as their leaves begin to droop is the perfect time. They will forgive you if you miss a watering or two. You are more likely to kill them with kindness as over watering can lead to rotting.
They appreciate some humidity – especially in homes with ducted heating/air conditioning. It isn’t as vital as for many houseplants, so you might get away without it. But, you can provide some humidity for your beloved plant, by placing them over a plate with rocks and water, this will naturally form humidity around the plant. Or if you want to get very fancy and grow a few of these tropical treats, purchasing a humidifier is a good investment – they are also good for you. Or you could grow it in a bathroom which naturally gets a good dose of steam. Or grow with other plants where the humidity will naturally form around the plants. They are also fantastic in terrariums.
I will survive: Use a diluted liquid fertiliser spring/summer, they aren’t overly hungry. Keep them clear of cold draughty positions or they will sulk. Happy plants will produce ‘babies’ that will poke through the soil, cut them (taking a little of the stem from below the soil) and pop them into a glass of water to form roots, or an all new pot and keep them moist. As the stem grows taller it may require staking – it is less likely to if you rotate it regularly.

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Size: 7.5 cm



Botantical name

Pilea peperomioides








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Filtered Light

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7.5 cm

Water needs