Upright Cymbidiums Orchids Cronulla 'The Khan'

Vigorous and floriferous.

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Up to 25 flowers open on each upright stem. The white petals have a strong pink blush and the lip is patterned with red and gold. Once established each bulb will produce multiple spies from July on. An exceptional choice with long lasting flowers.

Plants will take 2-3 years to flower and are supplied in a 7.5cm pot.

This cool growing Cymbidium Orchid is an exceptionally elegant plant and wonderfully long lasting. The large flowers open on upright stems in big numbers. It is a vigorous selection, so even beginner growers will look like experts in no time.

Cymbidium flowers last from 4 to 12 weeks on the plant and 2 to 5 weeks if you cut the stems for the vase. As cool growing orchids they require cold winter nights in order to flower well (10-15C at night).

Cymbidium Orchids are easy to grow as long as you cater for their basic needs:

1. Use an orchid growing mix.

2. Position the plant in dappled light.

3. Keep the plant just moist, watering frequently in spring and summer while it is growing, then keep just moist in winter. Fertilise well (twice a month with a diluted liquid orchid fertiliser spring to summer, then drop it back to once a month in autumn and winter. Or use a slow release orchid fertiliser as per the directions on the package.

Cymbidium Orchids make ideal pot and hanging basket plants. They may take a year or two to settle in and flower, but they are worth the wait and will flower reliably for decades to come.



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Cymbidium hybrids






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Cool to Sub-Tropical


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