Potted Renaissance Ranunculus 'Rosa'

Potted Renaissance Ranunculus 'Rosa'

The ultimate indulgence.

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Gorgeous, rose pink flowers. The petals layer beautifully to create full, fabulous flowers.
Spring has begun and these corms have been potted into 10cm pots and are ready to bloom. They can be easily transferred to decorative pots (15-20cm) or into your decorative beds or cutting garden. Give them plenty of fertiliser and light and they will respond with a generous helping of blooms.

Renaissance Ranunculus are a triumph of meticulous genetic selection seeking high quality, long lasting, consistent doubles in an incredible range of colours. The 7-9cm flowers will open are double from the start to the finish - many Ranunculus are single at the start and end, but these bloom on through.
Ranunculus are one of the most rewarding spring bulbs to grow and their bountiful display is absolute value for money and these selections are the top of the range.
The Biancheri family of San Remo, Italy began growing Anemones and Ranunculus in the 1800's and have not stopped. In what is still a family business, they have remained pioneers in the development and improvement of these fabulous plants. By combining passion, tradition and cutting edge research they have gone on to create ever more beautiful and lasting flowers with worldwide acclaim. For both the Nursery and Cut Flower Industry, these are the best you can get.
Plant Ranunculus into a humus rich, well drained soil. Water to establish and keep moist during active growth. They grow best in a full sun to light shade position and for best results should be fertilised well – in pots use a liquid fertiliser every other week, in the ground an organic or synthetic general purpose on planting and when in bloom is ideal. If you are growing yours in a pot, don’t forget to water – potting mix is perfectly drained so dries out quickly, on hot days you may need to water more than once, just dip your finger in to test. In the garden they are more easy going because they have better access to surrounding water and nutrients.

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Size: 10 cm



Botantical name

Ranunculus asiaticus








Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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10 cm

Water needs