Korean Angelica

Korean Angelica

A show stopper.

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This big beauty is bound to get your heart thumping.

Angelica gigas is an undeniably dramatic plant and absolutely garden worthy. The tall flower stems and big, architecturally daring foliage are fantastic at the back or front of a border or bed. This rare find worth snapping up as it will give you an unforgettable, late season show.

The mid green, deeply divided leaves grow up to 40cm long and can stretch well over a metre, maybe even two. The dark, aromatic flower heads hover above and can grow up to 15cm across. They are great for cutting but if you leave them out birds and bees adore them too!

As is common with Angelicas, it is biennial, so will flower every second year, then die. The seed can then be sown, or allowed to fall naturally, in situ for future generations. The new plants will have a head turning foliage show in the first year and the signature flowers in the second.

Angelica grows best in full sun to part shade (afternoon protection in warmer climates is ideal), in a humus rich, moist soil. Water to establish and keep moist during active growth – it is endemic to Korea where it grows by streams and in moist meadows so it doesn’t mind a bit of bog. The more sun it is in, the more moisture it requires.

Angelica has a long, rich history, it has been a prized medicinal herb since the Middle Ages and still used today (this one isn’t edible). Legend has it the Archangel Raphael bought it to earth from heaven, hence the name Angelica.

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Size: 7.5 cm



Botantical name

Angelica gigas






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as



7.5 cm

Water needs