Dowdeswell Delphiniums Crazy Ladies

New in 2019.

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A beautiful new introduction. Delphinium ‘Crazy Ladies’ was so called because of the diversity in patterns with the blue and mauve shades, no two plants are alike. Together they blend beautifully. A top cut flower variety with plentiful stems.
Dowdeswell Delphiniums encapsulate elegance and whimsy, when you see them blooming you will almost certainly fall in love.

Dowdeswell Delphiniums have strong stems that are loaded with stunning flowers. The plants are tall and vigorous. Bred in NZ by renowned breeders, Terry and Katrina Dowdeswell, these strapping plants have taken the world by storm. They produce tall, strong stems that are packed with lovely big florets.

As a more heat tolerant Delphinium variety, Dowdeswell Delphiniums cope well in Australian conditions. With a little care, they are also repeat flowering - once the first bloom has finished, cut the stem right back and add some fertiliser, and the second flower stem will grow up and open late summer to autumn.

Plant Dowdeswell Delphiniums in full sun to light shade. Ensure to allow good air flow between plants. Dowdeswell Delphiniums need a cool to temperate climate to grow and perform at their best. Plant in a position that is protected from strong winds. In open positions, it is a good idea to provide staking for the tall flower stems, a bit of extra work, but like the old saying goes, beauty is pain! And these plants are definitely worth it.

Grow Dowdeswell Delphiniums in a humus rich, moist, well drained soil, they tend to rot if left sitting in water, so drainage is vital. Delphiniums are heavy feeders, so to flower well they need to be fertilised well. A rotted sheep manure and some mulch is recommended. Water in well, then keep moist during active growth.

Protect Dowdeswell Delphiniums from slugs and snails, especially while young, they find them delicious.



Botantical name

Delphinium elatum






Summert to autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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