Delphinium Highlander Flamenco

New in 2019.

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A virtuoso in the garden with luxuriant layers of dusky pink, frilled petals.

Part of a new series of innovative Delphiniums with real flower power. Up to 50cm of the stem is covered in blooms, and they are sterile, which means you get more longevity, we have had them blooming for up to five weeks in our gardens.

The blooms are fully double, with up to 58 petals on a floret! Each petal has a gentle ruffle which creates a lacy, full bloom. As they the crowns establish, and they will prosper for at least five years, they produce larger flowers and more of them. The crowns flower twice in a season (summer then autumn

The colour range is second to none and the florets have a real depth. The stems are lovely and strong and we have never had to stake them. The growth is lovely and compact so you can even grow them in pots.

Highlander Delphiniums were, as the name suggests developed in Scotland. By a local Glasgow Delphinium doyen Tony Coakley - it was not even his day job; he just had a passion for the plants.

Grow Delphiniums in humus rich, moist, well drained soil in a full sun to light shade position. Drainage is important as in boggy soils they will flop/rot. It is a good idea to protect the plants from slugs/snails, aphids. Once the first flush of flowers is finished, cut the stem to the ground, add some fertiliser and await the autumn show. They are super frost hardy and have been tested up to -20C. In pots it is vital you ensure regular watering and additional fertiliser.



Botantical name

Delphinium elatum






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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