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Miniature Vanda Orchid

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A sensational orchid that is in the same genus as Vanda orchids and boast a similar vibrancy. They are intermediate orchids so require a bit of love and attention, but will reward you richly.

Plants will take 2-4 years to flower depending on conditions and are supplied in a 7.5cm pot.

The upright flower spikes grow 10-25cm tall with an abundance of tangerine, perfumed blooms. Each flower is 1-1.5cm across. The blooms open as the weather warms and last easily a few months. In the topics they can flower year round.

Two rows of rigid, deep green, fleshy leaves grow upward from a single point (monopdial) with thick, fleshy roots below. The leaves grow 5-20cm long and alternate left and right. As they establish they will produce offsets from the base.

Native to the tropics of Asia, this orchid is found in dry, deciduous forests. They like an intermediate to warm growing temperature. Similar to Vanda Orchids, the keys to success with are; warm temperatures, bright light good air flow and high humidity.

In subtropical to tropical regions they can be grown outdoors – they prefer temperatures 18C or above or will not flower. Indoors they can be grown anywhere. Grow in a filtered light position outdoors. Indoors a bright light spot is ideal. Throughout the warm months they like high humidity (60% or more) so are best watered daily. In cool weather water weekly, or apply regular misting. Grow by mounting onto cork or similar, or grow in an open orchid pot/basket with no substrate (outwardly it looks like they grow in thin air) or a free draining orchid mix. They are heavy feeders, so require regular fertiliser during active growth.

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Ascocentrum miniatum






Spring to autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

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Filtered Light

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