Dalaya Dahlias (reduced) Collection

Dalaya Dahlias (reduced) Collection

Late season triumphs.

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Dalaya Dahlias are generous, compact plants with bicolour, semi double blooms. Perfect in pots or gardens, the strong stems do not require staking and the plants have impressively strong mildew resistance. Dalaya Dahlia flowers open early and bloom consistently throughout the season, offering tremendous value.

Like all Dahlias, they are great for picking, with the added benefit that they will then produce even more blooms.

Plant in a sunny spot, they need around six hours of sun a day to flower well and morning sun is best. Humus rich, moist, well drained soil is ideal. Keep the soil moist during active growth. Adding a slow release Tomato fertiliser and some Sulphate of Potash, in late spring/early summer will help keep them blooming at their best.

The tubers don’t really need to be lifted if the soil is well drained and you don’t live in an area where the soil will freeze. But they should be dug and divided every so often to maintain their vigour.

Dalaya Dahlia Collection, one of each variety, separately labelled. Includes Devi, Shiva, Shari and Jadoo.

Dalaya Dahlia Collection, Valued at $50.00, SAVE $2.50.



Botantical name

Dahlia hybrid






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as


Water needs