Turkish Colchicum

Turkish Colchicum

Exquisite autumn flowers.

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These blooms are something special. Once established the bulbs can produce up to 25 stunning flowers.

The blooms of Turkish Colchicum are 4-7cm long in mauve and pink shades, fading to white at the centre. Running through the colour is a white, tessellated, or crisscross pattern. The blooms open in autumn, whilst the bulb is 'dormant'. What this means is that in bloom, the bulb has no roots or leaves. So you can even flower Turkish Colchicum sitting on the kitchen bench! Though this might not be the best thing for the bulb as the roots shoot soon afterwards in search of water and nutrients, it is certainly an impressive feat.

Turkish Colchicum foliage emerges in spring and is thick and veined, like that of a Hosta. The leaves grow upright from a central point, similar to a Tulip. The foliage can remain until late spring, early summer. It has been accused of being ugly as it fades, so choose where you plant it with this in mind, using other plants to foil the yellowing leaves, or a pot you could hide. Or just put up with it, they don't take too long to disappear.

Give Turkish Colchicum a year or two to settle in. With each year you will have more and more flowers. The plants favour a morning sun to part shade position, under a deciduous tree is perfect. Colchicum cilicicum likes humus rich, moist, well drained soil. You should protect both the flowers and foliage from slugs and snails.

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Botantical name

Colchicum cilicicum








Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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