Sumo Special Lilium 'Pearl Melanie'

Sumo Special Lilium 'Pearl Melanie'

Jumbo bulbs.

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Glorious, golden yellow flowers with a few cheeky freckles.

It is hard to sing their praises enough! And Sumo sized they are even better. These flowers have a refined elegance that is hard to surpass. They produce plenty of flowers, up to 20 on a stem. Each bloom is around 15cm across and is outward to slightly pendent, coy in their beauty.

Sumo Lilies are the biggest and the best Lilium bulbs on offer. The bulbs are huge, which means you can expect plenty of flowers from the get go. Why are they so big? Because they have been grown by the cut flower industry and once they reach a certain size, they actually have too many flowers! This is not so good in bunches but fantastic in the garden.

Pearl Asiatic Lilies have a softness to the flower colour that makes them really stand out in a crowd. What is more is they are on show for up to four weeks, which makes them terrific value.

Pearl Asiatic Lilies generally flower late December/January but will usually bloom a little earlier in their first year. They make excellent, lasting cut flowers and are really easy to grow. They have great disease resistance and will thrive in pots or gardens.

Pearl Asiatic Lilies have been refined over many thousands of crosses from a verity of species including L. amiable, L. pumilum, L. bulbiferum, L. cernuum and many more.

Choose a humus rich, well drained soil in a sunny location. They will appreciate afternoon shade in warmer climates. Simply plant, your Pearl Asiatic Lilies, fertilise and enjoy. Leave them in the ground to establish and they will bring you years of joy.

Keep your lilies moist while in growth and fertilise at the start of the season and again as the flowers are finishing for the best results. Mulching over the summer will help to maintain moisture levels in the soil.

They will take 10-14 weeks to flower from planting depending on the weather.

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Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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