Pixie Oriental Lilium 'Stargazer'

Pixie Oriental Lilium 'Stargazer'

Colourful and compact.

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This stunning lily has a gorgeous perfume and will surely sell out. This is one of if not the world’s most popular Oriental Lily, the Netherlands produce over 10 000 000 bulbs a year.

The upward facing flowers are a rich strawberry pink with a white margin. There is some texture to the petals and long, decorative stamens. Each bloom is 15-20cm across and up to eight open on each stem. An easy choice to perennialise in the garden and one that multiplies well. They are naturally compact and their strong stems don’t need staking.

Also known as Lilium ‘Star Gazer’.

Gorgeous in the garden, fantastic in pots and fabulous for cut flowers too. Pixie Oriental Lilies are lovely and compact with full sized flowers.

Pixie Oriental Lilies are playful, versatile and fragrant, blooming mid to late summer. Their compact growth makes them ideal for small gardens, the front of beds, or in containers. Even better, the flowers are as big, bold, fragrant and colourful as regular Oriental Lilies. The dwarf stems make it easy to add splashes of colour where you need it. They will be shorter in pots and taller in garden soil.

Ensure you fertilise your Pixie Oriental Lilies well, this will encourage the best blooms. Ideally feed them when you first see them emerge, then again as they begin to fade. Water to establish and keep moist in active growth for best results. In pots you will need to ensure you keep them sufficiently moist, so you get the best flower results, don’t forget potting mix is perfectly drained so the plants need you to water daily during warm weather.

Ideally plant your lilies in groups of three or more for a generous and lasting display.

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Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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