A tropical treat.

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The new leaves are a bright green, then deepen as they mature. So you get a pleasant, two tone effect as the plant grows. It is nice and vigorous and as it matures the leaves become bigger and bigger, and change their shape.
Philodendrons are good sized plants with a nice tropical vibe. They make terrific air purifiers and are easy care.
Total tree huggers, in their native wilds of South America they grow up and along tree trunks and branches, clinging on with aerial roots. Their name ‘stems’ from this Phileo – to love and Dendron – tree. You can choose to offer it the support it needs and allow it to climb, or let it all hang out and dangle the stems from a hanging basket or pot.
SIZE (HxW): 30-90cm x 20-90cm.
I SEE THE LIGHT: Bright, indirect light is ideal. You should be able to read during the day in their position in the room without turning on a light. If you only have artificial light, they will need about eight to ten hours a day – so good for the office.
I NEED A DRINK: Water fairly freely spring/summer and less in winter – every other week. Allow the top of the soil in the pot to dry out before watering again.
Humidity isn’t vital, but they are more likely to thrive with it. You can add a pebble and water dish under the plant, combine it with other plants or purchase a humidifier – a good investment if you are growing a few tropical plants and have air con/heating. You will end up with a happier plant and bigger leaves.
I WILL SURVIVE: In pots choose a good quality potting mix to ensure they have the drainage they need. Choose an option with drainage holes, or be promise to be careful with watering - they don’t like to sit in boggy soils. A diluted liquid fertiliser in spring and summer will keep them happy and healthy. You will only need to repot if they are rootbound, every few years.
Give the leaves a regular wipe – this will keep them looking good and growing well.

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Size: 7.5 cm



Botantical name

Philodendron undulatum








Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Filtered Light

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7.5 cm

Water needs