Pothos 'Marble Queen'

Pothos 'Marble Queen'

Foliage queen.

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A top choice for beginners, this is a simple plant to grow successfully. You don’t need a green thumb for this little devil.
This larger pot size will create instant impact.
Cascading stems of creamy white, arrow shaped leaves with splashes, blobs, smudges, flecks and speckles of green. Each leaf is 10-15cm long, growing larger on mature plants. They are super easy and look sensational overflowing from an elevated pot or a hanging basket.
Epipremnum was previously known as Scindapsus sp. and Raphidophora sp. Common names include Devil’s Ivy, Golden Hunter’s robe, Solomon Islands Ivy and Pothos. They are native to the tropics of S.E. Asia, where they use their aerial roots to climb to the tops of the trees.
Size: 20-200cm x 15-40cm. Easy to prune to your desired size, just pinch at the desired point.
I see the light: Bright, indirect light is ideal. You should be able to read during the day in their position in the room without turning on a light. You will get the best colour in a brightly lit position, if it is too dull you will lose the patterns. You can grow in artificial light – good news for the office – they will need 8-10 hours a day.
Water needs: Water well, saturating the pot and letting it drain, then do it all again when the top of the soil dries out. They will cope with a fair amount of neglect, and you will know you have forgotten about them as they droop and sulk, but will quickly pep up when you apologise and add a good dose of water. More water needed spring/summer and winter requires less care.
If the leaf tips brown, it may be you are watering with cold water, you aren’t watering enough, or you need to add a bit of humidity, a light spritz will work wonders.
I will Survive: Use a diluted, liquid fertiliser every other month spring/summer. Pinch it back just after a leaf nodule to inspire them to branch out where required. Wipe the leaves regularly with a soft cloth to keep them looking and feeling good (or water overhead).

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Epipremnum aureum








Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

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Frost Tender


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