China Doll 140mm

China Doll 140mm

A total doll.

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The small, bipinnate foliage his lovely and glossy and masses on the well branched stems. It is like having your own little rainforest tree.
This larger pot size will create instant impact.
It is quick to grow and establish with good vigour. It responds well to pruning so you can trim it if it grows too big for its boots. If you live in a warm climate they can be grown outdoors, they will remain contained in a pot, but can grow quite large in the soil. Outdoors they might even flower.
Another common name is Asian Bellflower but it is unlikely to bloom indoors.
SIZE (HxW): 30-150cm x 20-80cm
I SEE THE LIGHT: They grow best in a bright, indirect light – if you need a light to read by during the day in their position, it is too dark and they will be lanky.
TIME FOR A DRINK: Water well in spring/summer and rarely in winter – they don’t like to be cold and wet. If they are left to sit in water they tend to rot. When you water it is best to do a good job, saturating the root ball before allowing the pot to drain and then replacing it. As the plant grows you could do this in the shower/rain and clean the leaves at the same time.
Humidity isn’t vital, but they are more likely to thrive with it – you will have a happier plant. You can add a pebble and water dish under the plant, combine it with other plants, or purchase a humidifier – this is a good investment if you are growing a few tropical plants and have air con/heating in your home.
I WILL SURVIVE: It is best to keep them away from heater vents and draughty windows. You will only need to repot every few years as they become really rootbound. They are best eased into change gradually, if you move them to a dramatically different position in terms of light/temperature they find less favourable they may drop their leaves. If this happens, take a step back, give them a trim and some seasol and reduce watering while they restabilise.
Add a diluted liquid fertiliser every other month in spring/summer, just follow the directions on the pack.

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Size: 140mm



Botantical name

Radermachera sinica








Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Filtered Light

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