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Usually one of the first to flower, this is a really impressive variety. ‘World’s Favourit’ is one of our farm darlings, for both beauty and its durability. The mix of brilliant red and gold almost seems to glow in the garden. It is undoubtedly one of the best, with early season blooms. Tulips are the superstars of spring. They can take centre stage like no other flower can, creating unforgettable spring shows. Tulipmania might have transpired nearly four hundred years ago but the spirit lives on in gardeners everywhere! A simple way to remember when to plant your tulips is Mother`s Day! Around this date is the ideal time as the soil has cooled sufficiently for planting and the really hot autumn days are done and dusted. It doesn’t have to be on the day, it just serves as an easy marker. All our bulbs are ready to grow; they do not need to be chilled, which is one less thing to do. It is a good idea to prepare the soil for their arrival by adding some delicious organic matter. Tulips need good drainage and at least six hours of sun a day to flower at their best. Plant the bulbs 15-20cm deep with the pointed end up. Space your tulips 10-15cm apart, planting closer for a more spectacular show. Water them in after planting to encourage the roots to get up and grow. Then as they emerge they should be kept moist – the natural winter and early spring rainfall usually takes care of that. Add some fertiliser as they emerge to help shore up the bulbs for future seasons. Tulips are great in pots, we recommend regular watering as potting mix is perfectly drained, so dries out quickly and the addition of some fertiliser as they begin to grow to ensure the best show. IN POTS: This is our recommendation for the best display, keeping in mind bulbs look best when planted nice and close together. 14cm/6” = 3 bulbs 20cm/8” = 6 bulbs 25cm/10” = 9 bulbs See here for more hints and tips: Top Ten Tips on How to Plant your Spring Bulbs in Pots

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Tulipa hybrida








Cool to Sub-Tropical


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Full Sun to Light Shade

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