Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Easy Samba'

Matisse Asiatic Lilium 'Easy Samba'

Cha cha cha!

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Vibrant orange with a deep maroon eye and smattering of freckles. They open wide and show off their brilliance with pride. A major advantage of this new lily is that they are pollen free – this means no mess and more importantly the flowers last longer.

A major advantage of this lily is that it is pollen free – this means no mess or allergies and the flowers last longer.

Matisse Asiatic Liliums are a triumph of modern breeding techniques; marrying the handsome, old fashioned spotted lilies with today’s bright colours and strong disease resistance. They have little to no fragrance so are perfect for gardeners after colour without the heady aroma many lilies have.

Simply plant, your Matisse Asiatic Lilies, fertilise and enjoy. Leave them in the ground to establish and they will bring you years of joy. Choose a humus rich, well drained soil in a sunny location. They will appreciate afternoon shade in warmer climates. Keep moist while in growth and fertilise at the start of the season and again as the flowers are finishing. Mulching over the summer will help maintain moisture levels in the soil.

Real conversation pieces in the garden, these Matisse Asiatics are avant-garde Lilies of distinction! The petals look like they have been painted by a master and were thus named in homage for the Artist who wrote himself into history by breaking all the laws of colour to create genius. They will take around 10-14 weeks to flower.

Our Tip: Plant a variety of lily types to enjoy longer lasting colour in the garden. Asiatic and L.A. Lilies flower first, followed by the species and trumpets/Christmas Lilies and Orientals are the last to bloom.

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Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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