Verbascum Greek Mullein

Verbascum Greek Mullein


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Growing up to 3m tall, the abundant candelabra of florets make a real statement piece that can last for months. They can tough out poor conditions and don’t need much care.
Each golden flower is around 2.5cm across and hundreds of them cover the upright, well branched stems that can be 60cm across or more. They last the distance, from early summer to autumn. Plant yours now to enjoy flowers this summer. Frosts aren’t a problem, they are endemic to the mountains of Greece and Turkey.
Verbascum make fine garden showpieces, their glorious, upright stems provide fantastic architectural interest over an extended period through summer. They are easy to care for, will survive poor soils, and some can even bloom twice in a season!
While they may be short lived perennials – who can blame them, these Giant’s beanstalks grow from a tiny seed – they will produce seed that can be collected or allowed to self sow.
The soft, fluffy silver-green, oval shaped leaves of Verbascum grow close to the ground, allowing the flowers to steal the show, each can reach up to 30cm. The plants look wonderful in dry, coastal or cottage gardens.
Plant your Verbascum in a full sun to part shade position. They thrive in any well drained soil, even in alkaline conditions. Be warned, in poorly drained boggy soils the plants tend to rot. Water in, then you will only have to bother if rainfall is low, they become quite dry tolerant once they are established.
Verbascums are commonly known as Mullein. These are biennial plants, the seeds are viable and should be allowed to fall to produce plants into the future or collected for sowing.

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Botantical name

Verbascum olympicum






Early Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun

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7.5 cm

Water needs