Dendrobium 'Aridang Green'

Dendrobium 'Aridang Green'

New in 2021.

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These plants are in 5cm pots and will take 2-3 years to flower but are well worth the wait.
Gorgeous, lemon green flowers to 6cm, on tall, upright spikes through summer. There is a small splash of pink on the lower lip. It was bred as a cross of D. Burana Jade and D. Olive Green, in 2006 by N. Buranaraktham. Established plants bear up to 20 flowers and they last up to eight weeks on the plant and around six weeks in a vase. The thick, mid green leaves grow along the stems.
This Dendrobium are warm to intermediate orchids ideal for growing in bright, indirect light (such as in a shade house or under a tree) with good ventilation. They are epiphytic and can be grown a number of ways; on bark, coconut husk, potted in orchid mix (tall pot) or in the crevice of a tree or rocks. They are dormant late autumn to winter, grow summer to autumn.
Dendrobium Orchids are native to and can be grown through most of Australia as they are tolerant of a wide range of temperatures. In cold climates they will need some protection from winter rains. They like their roots to be crowded in. Water and fertilise regularly in spring and summer. Keep them on the dry side in autumn and winter, but not so dry that the canes shrivel.

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Size: 5 cm



Botantical name

Dendrobium hybrid






Spring to Summer


Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Bright filtered light

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5 cm

Water needs