Peruvian Lily 'Time Valley'

Peruvian Lily 'Time Valley'

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Cream with an apple blossom blush towards the edge and golden highlights, flecked with russet flecks. Peruvian Lily ‘Summer Paradise’ is also known as ‘Tessvaltime’.
Part of the Summer Paradise Summer Series that is renowned for its hardiness and ability to flower for up to five months a year. The compact, deep green foliage grows well below the starring blooms. Pollinators, florists and gardeners all love these easy plants.
Flowers galore, who could ask for anything more? Peruvian Lilies bring months of colour to the garden – beginning in late spring or summer they can continue to flower right up to frost. You can pick them along the way to fill your vases and there will still be enough to brighten your beds. Our tip: when picking, it is best to pull them when doing this from the base of the stem to encourage more stems to grow. We also advise this method when pruning spent flowers and foliage.

Alstroemeria, commonly known as Peruvian Lilies are quite hardy and vigorous with a long bloom period, they are a magnet for beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees and will soon have your garden a flutter. Compact and upright with strong stems they are a great choice for gardens or containers.

Water in well, plants take at least four to six weeks for their roots to penetrate the surrounding soil and need to be regularly watered over that time, then we recommend keeping moist during active growth. As they establish they become dry tolerant - they have a fleshy root system that keeps a reserve of moisture. Well drained, humus rich soil conditions are best. Ideally, mulch in spring to protect the root system and help retain moisture.

When growing Peruvian Lilies it is important to ensure they are fertilised well. They grow quickly and flower profusely, so need to be well fed. We recommend a slow release fertiliser in winter and spring. In pots it is most ideal to add a liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks over their flowering period.

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Size: 10 cm



Botantical name

Alstroemeria x ligtu






Late spring to autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness



Full Sun to Light Shade

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10 cm

Water needs