Giant Belladonna Lily

Giant Belladonna Lily

A wonderful rarity.

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A rare, heritage cross (Amaryllis belladonna x Brunsvigia josephinae) that dates back to the early 1900s. From late summer, 20-30 brilliant, rosy pink flowers open in a spherical cluster on a single stem. The reflexed petals have good substance and a white halo, the strong, deeply coloured stems grow to around one metre. Each flower is 11cm long and 5-7cm across.

Like Belladonna Lilies, Amarygia are super tough bulbs and are virtually fool proof. You can rely on these robust growers for show stopping late season colour. In average conditions up to four flowers will open on a stem and in ideal conditions (and from a mature bulb), up to 30 can bloom.

They are drought avoiders, lying dormant through late spring and summer, with the new growth emerging with the late summer/autumn rains. The leaves grow just as the flowering wanes.

Amarygia thrive in any well drained soil and love to bake in the sun. The neck of the bulb should be planted just above or at the soil level. It is most ideal to locate them in a sunny spot, water to establish, then you only need bother if rainfall is low. They become dry tolerant once they are established and even love a dry summer. If you live where there are hard frosts, it is an idea to add a winter mulch in the early years. For longevity some protection from strong winds during flowering time. Suitable for containers.

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Botantical name

x Amarygia parkeri






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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