Cloth of Gold Crocus

Cloth of Gold Crocus

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Rich, golden flowers accentuated with deep bronze reverse. One or two flowers open from each corm, growing 2-3.5cm long. The narrow, grey-green foliage surrounds the blooms. This species has been in cultivation for over half a century, a testament to its charm and durability.
Crocus angustifolius holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit , so you know it has good vigour, it will be a nice choice for perennialising/naturalising.
Choose a relatively sunny spot with well drained soil. Crocus will tolerate light shade, such as under deciduous trees, especially in more temperate zones where they will have winter sun and then protection from the hot summer rays. The petals only open with sun so you will need to ensure they have some of that.

Crocus grow best in Cool to Mediterranean climates as they love a cold winter. They look good in rockeries, beds and pots. A planting in a lawn area, such as beneath a deciduous tree will really create the wow factor. For this type of planting we think they look best when planted in little groups – three to a hole makes for a nice display – you can add other small bulbs such as mini daffs, Muscari or Galanthus to the area too. Thankfully the lawn does not grow very fast at that time of year and, because the foliage takes around five weeks to fade and you shouldn't mow it until it dies back. We mow a border around our patch which makes the whole thing appear like a feature as they fade.
The bulbs can be left in the ground if they are protected from the hot summer sun, and have good drainage, this is known as naturalising. If you allow them to naturalise like this, you can dig and divide them after four or five years. In an exposed position, to protect the bulbs from summer sun you could add mulch, grow them in combination with perennials or beneath deciduous trees.

We advise you protect new growth from slugs and snails and to fertilise annually in winter/spring.
Crocus angustifolius is commonly known as Cloth of Gold Crocus, it is Syn. Crocus susianus and originates on the hillsides and woodlands of Crimea.

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Crocus angustifolius






Early spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Unavailable in WA

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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