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Oriental Lilium 'Valdosta'

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Sensationally fragrant with big flowers that are upward facing with a handsome ruffle to the petals. The hot pink colouring fades to white at their heart. Wonderfully bright and beautiful with good solid growth and a great vase life.
Lily ‘Valdosta’ is an O.T. hybrid, which means it is a cross between an Oriental and a Christmas or Triumph Lily. So you get the best of both worlds, trumpet shaped blooms with good fragrance.

These ostentatious flowers command attention. They make it easy to create an indulgent display of colour for summer, they are gorgeous in the garden and perfect for potting and cut flowers too.

Their heady fragrance permeates the summer garden with its sophisticated notes.

As well as adding glamour and fragrance to the garden, O.T. Lilies are tough enough to withstand our hot summers.

Plant O.T. Lilies in a humus rich, well drained soil. Water to establish and keep moist during active growth. They are best protected from the hot afternoon sun.

It is a good idea to fertilise your O.T. Lilies, this will help to give you the best blooms. Adding an organic fertiliser when you first see growth, then again as they are fading is ideal.

If you are growing your Lilies in pots, fertiliser is even more important and in this case a slow release pellet such as Thrive, or a regular application of liquid fertiliser is best. Water the pots regularly, potting mix is perfectly drained so dries out quickly, especially during summer. It is important for the growth of the bulb that regular moisture is maintained.

In warmer climates, it is a good idea to grow your O.T. Liliums in part shade or morning sun, as your flowers will last longer.

Our Tip: when cutting your lilies it is ideal to leave around 1/2 to 2/3 of the stem to keep feeding the bulb so it can produce next year’s flowers.

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Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

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Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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