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Petunia 'Surprise Sparkle Purple'

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Rich, purple petals with a galaxy of white stars. The Surprise Series of Petunias are early and free flowering with good consistency in pattern, the plants have a low growing, trailing habit.

Perennial Petunias are quick to grow and establish and will be covered in flowers for many months.

Perennial Petunias have the advantage of lasting a few years in the garden, where their annual counterparts were quite short lived. They have excellent cold tolerance, are renowned for being tough and producing amazing, weather resistant blooms. They make great fillers as your summer plants begin to fade and will continue blooming up to frost.

Perennial Petunias add bright pops of colour to gardens, pots or hanging baskets and have a nice, dense, mounding form with gently trailing stems. The flowers can bloom from spring to autumn, even longer in warmer climates.

Plant your Perennial Petunia into moderately fertile to humus rich, well drained soil. Add a diluted liquid fertiliser fortnightly, or a slow release pelletised version every couple of months to keep them blooming at their best.

In pots and hanging baskets it is a good idea to use a good quality potting mix. In areas of hard frost they may have to be treated as annuals, they survive outdoors here in the hills with a bit of winter damage but shoot back quickly as the weather warms.

Our Tip: to keep them blooming at their best there are a couple of pruning methods to choose from. If you are short on time, then a mid season trim is quick and easy, cutting them back by about a half to a third, adding some fertiliser and watering well, they will reshoot and be back in a few weeks, continuing to autumn.

If you have the time you can keep the plant looking good by pinching out the spent flowers, Petunias bloom from the end of their stems, so once is removed they will create a new branch and blooms.

Or you could wait until they are in full bloom then cut a few stems back at a time over a month or so until the whole plant is refreshed and can continue into autumn.

Supplied as: Pots
Size: 10 cm



Botantical name

Petunia x hybrida






Spring to autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Unavailable in WA, QLD

Frost hardiness

Half Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as



10 cm

Water needs