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Belladonna Lily 'Hathor'

Sweetly scented, bulbs of steel.

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The creamy white, fragrant blooms of Belladonna Lily ‘Hathor’ unfurl late summer to autumn (Feb-Mar) just as the perennials are fading. These long lasting flowers have creamy white petals and a golden throat.

They make a top choice for gardens or pots, and if you can bear to pick them, they also do very well in a vase.

Belladonna Lilies are super tough bulbs and are virtually fool proof. You can rely on these tough growers for late season colour and a sweet, honeysuckle fragrance. In average conditions up to four flowers will open on a stem and in ideal conditions (and from a mature bulb), up to 15 can bloom.

Belladonna Lilies are also known as Amaryllis Lilies or Naked Ladies. They are commonly called 'Naked Ladies' because their flowers emerge without the modesty of foliage. The glossy leaves surface late autumn to winter and make a useful garden feature.

Belladonna Lilies thrive in any well drained soil and love to bake in the sun. Plant them in a sunny spot, water to establish then you only need bother if rainfall is low. They become dry tolerant once they are established and love a dry summer.

‘Hathor’ is a little slower to multiply than the common pink forms. It has green rather than purple flower stems.

This is our recommendation for the best display, keeping in mind bulbs look best when planted nice and close together.
20cm/8” = 3 bulbs
25cm/10” = 5 bulbs

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Botantical name

Amaryllis belladonna






Late summer to autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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