The Desert Rose

The Desert Rose

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This amazing succulent plant has the ability to flower almost year round. The bright red and pink flowers open on new growth on the end of branches from spring onwards.

The bulbous trunk or caudex presents like a bonsai and looks great in pots. It has upright, succulent brown branches with oval shaped grey-green leaves.

Desert Rose is extremely tough, heat and dry tolerant and grows in a sunny position outdoors and a bright light spot indoors.

Desert Rose is excellent in pots. Especially for people who "kill everything" as it thrives with little care and doesn’t mind neglect. When planting in a pot, ensure it is large enough to house the expanding caudex. Terracotta pots are ideal as they allow for water to leach away and have a little more airflow than glazed pots and use a succulent mix.

Plant into a well drained, sandy soil or potting medium. Good drainage is vital as it is susceptible to root and trunk rot. Plant so the roots are just sitting in the soil. It will grow form roots lower down. Each time you repot do this to create a knotted caudex or sit it lower for a rounded caudex.

Water Desert Rose to establish then only if rainfall is low, or the mix has dried out. Water less in winter.

Use a liquid fertiliser low in nitrogen every other week during growth to encourage a bulbous, rounded caudex.

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Botantical name

Adenium obesum






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun

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