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*The pips come as a clump with their fibrous roots so they can travel safely. On arrival you can divide them easily by gently pulling apart. Then plant them out individually into the garden. These are a mix of first and second year pips. So for some, in the first year there may only be foliage, then as they establish you can enjoy more and more deliciously dreamy, fragrant blooms.

With such sensational, perfumed bells, it is no wonder Lily of the Valley has graced gardens around the world for generations. Their nostalgic charm is undeniable, with around three weeks of pretty white flowers on the narrow stems amongst lush, upright, green foliage. They are fantastic for picking too.

Once settled in the right spot, Lily of the Valley can naturalise readily and form small, delightful colonies. It holds the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit so you know it can be relied upon.

You can plant your Lily of the Valley in moist, shaded areas such as under eaves, trees or shrubs where other plants are hard to grow. They thrive in shaded sites, as an under storey plant or ground cover. Lily of the Valley prefers moist, humus rich, well drained soils.

Paradoxically we grow this crop in our paddock, where we have noticed that even though it is a part shade plant that loves humus rich soils, once it establishes, it will grow in full sun. In our paddock it is in volcanic soil and it grows out in the open. Keep in mind we are in the hills with higher than average rainfall and have cold winters with frosts.

You can tell if a pip is of flowering size when you give it a gentle squeeze it feels like a little marble is in it. These are a mix of first and second year pips, they begin to bloom from their second year.

Lily of the Valley can be grown in pots but you will need to be onto it with the watering .

Other common names for Convallaria majalis are Word Lily, Mugget, May Bells and Lady's Tears.

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Botantical name

Convallaria majalis








Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Fully Hardy


Filtered Light

Supplied as

Bare rooted



Water needs