Kalanchoe Flaming Katy Collection

Kalanchoe Flaming Katy Collection

Great house and patio plants.

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The Kalanchoe 'Flaming Katy' collection consists of multi-petalled hybrids developed for their showy floral displays. The potted cuttings are ready to flower so you won't have long to wait to see their show. Once they begin blooming you will have flowers for six weeks or more.

Kalanchoe 'Flaming Katy' have glossy, mid green leaves with handsome scalloped edges. Handle them with care as they can snap off when bumped.

Kalanchoe are a type of succulent so are easy to care for and require little water. In pots they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (shade in summer outdoors). In the garden they need sharply drained soil and look terrific in a rockeries or small beds.

Plants will produce offsets, which if potted on will be great gift ideas - especially around Christmas time. Kalanchoe 'Flaming Katy' is also known as the Christmas Kalanchoe because of its flowering time.

Water Kalanchoe 'Flaming Katy' to establish, then allow to almost dry out between watering. Dead head the blooms regularly to encourage more flowers. Add a liquid fertiliser once a month during flowering to get the best blooms.

Kalanchoe Collection, receive one of each variety, separately labelled. Kalanchoe 'Flaming Katy' Collection, includes Yellow, Bright Pink, Orange, Salmon Pink and Red.

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Botantical name

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana






Spring to Summer


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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