Zygocactus Sunny Bright

Zygocactus Sunny Bright

Sunny blooms for shade.

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Tangerine and cream shades. Zygocactus are unbelievably easy to care for plants, and are perfect in pots and hanging baskets. Grow them on the patio, under trees or even indoors. My mother in law had one in a pot that flowered what seemed like constantly and she swore she did nothing but water it occasionally. They are one of those cast iron plants that flower where nothing else will.

Zygocactus or Schlumbergera have brightly coloured flowers up to 8cm long. The flowers open at the ends of the leaf stems. The leaves are connected in flat segments, 4-6cm. Long. They are bright to mid green.

Ideal flowering conditions are bright, filtered light with short days and long, cool nights (11-13 hours of darkness, including bright artificial light).

Water to establish, then allow the soil to become dry on top before watering again. Ensure you plant in a good quality, well drained potting mix. Adding a little peat moss for acidity is beneficial. A light application of water soluble fertiliser early spring and late summer is helpful for blooms.

Zygocactus or Schlumbergera is an epiphytic cactus native to Brazil where they grow on rock crevices and tree boughs and are pollinated by humming birds. They have been in cultivation since the early 1800’s.

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Schlumbergera truncata






Autumn to Winter


Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

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Filtered Light

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