Anemone De Caen 'Pink'

Anemone De Caen 'Pink'

Bargain blooms.

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Dazzling pink blooms with a blue black centre. De Caen Anemones offer such amazing value and require so little work everyone should give them a grow.

With very little effort you can enjoy up to six weeks of fabulous colour! De Caen Anemones offer such amazing value and can be easily used to create memorable displays indoors and out.

With the winning combination of being small on price and big on show, you could try mixing De Caen Anemones into a cottage garden, have them overflowing from pots, or try a big impact mass planting.

In drifts and clumps Anemones look amazing and are an economical way to ring in the spring. Grouping them closely together in their planting is sure to create the most memorable display.

You can even cut the flowers for vases, the velvety blooms can last a week or two in a vase when you snip them in bud. Cutting the flowers has the additional benefit of encouraging more to bloom. A little tip from us is to pick the early flowers, this will encourage a longer blooming season.

The handsome foliage of De Caen Anemones is light green and heavily dissected, soft and fern like.

Plant De Caen Anemones in humus rich, moist, well drained soil. Use a slow release or liquid fertilise regularly and they will deliver rich rewards - these small corms grow quickly and bear lots of blooms, so they need adequate nutrition to flower at their best.

Anemones average 10-15 weeks from planting to flower, so you can effectively time their display – they will be slower in cooler temperatures. In most areas of Australia they are ideally planted in autumn for spring blooms. Though in cool climates they can be planted in spring and enjoyed late summer/autumn (best protected from hot afternoon sun if you want them to last).

The name de Caen is from the French city where they were first grown. They are also commonly known as Poppy Anemones because they resemble poppies.

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Anemone coronaria








Cool to Mediterranean


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Full Sun to Semi Shade

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