Bearded Iris 'Laughter Lines' Collection

Bearded Iris 'Laughter Lines' Collection

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So easy care you will be laughing!

Bearded Iris make garden styling a breeze. They offer a rainbow of options to effectively couple and accentuate the existing colours in your patch.

Bearded Iris are easy care and will bring plenty of show to your beds as well as fanciful foliage throughout the year. Their late spring bloom is perfectly timed to bridge the gap between spring and summers blooms. With a bit of care, the spectacular flowers are in colour for around a month. Bearded Iris are also excellent cut flowers.

The sword like foliage opens in a fan shape at the soil level. It stands tall and is a handsome feature year round. They are semi evergreen, so in cool climates, when the leaves start to look a little lack lustre in winter, you just cut them back to around 5-10cm and they will soon re-shoot. In more mild climates the foliage can remain attractive without fuss.

Bearded Iris are easy to grow rhizomes that are well suited to a variety of Australian conditions. They will thrive in any well drained soil in a sunny position. They tend to flower better with a touch of frost, but can get by without it. Bearded Iris thrive where there are cool winters, so Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and parts of NSW, WA and Qld.

Plant your rhizomes at the soil surface with the top exposed (at the point where the green growth starts). Keep the exposed rhizome clear of other plants and weeds. Water to establish, then only if rainfall is low. An annual application of rose fertiliser in late winter or in summer can help keep your Bearded Iris happy and healthy. As each flower fades, snip or pinch them out, then when the whole stem as finished, remove it at the base.

Our tip: If you are moving Bearded Iris, wait until the flowering has finished, then cut the foliage back to around 3-5cm before replanting, and replant as soon as possible. Ensure you protect your Bearded Iris plants from slugs and snails.

Bearded Iris make an excellent companion plant for Roses.

Laughter Lines Bearded Iris Collection, one of each variety separately labelled. Includes ‘Gyspy Woman’, ‘Queen in Calico’, ‘Panama Hattie’, ‘Lipstick Lies’ and ‘Ring Around Rosie’.

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Botantical name

Iris pallida






Late Spring


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness



Full Sun

Supplied as

Bare rooted



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