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Spring Star Flower Mixed

Absolute stars.

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An unlabelled mixture of white, mauve, and blue flowers, you really can’t go wrong.

Tough, enduring and virtually fool proof, these bulbs are real winners and one of the easiest spring flowers of all to grow. They are the perfect companions to larger bulbs such as tulips or daffodils in both container and landscape plantings.

They are simple to plant and can be left in the ground where they will slowly multiply, bringing you years and years of joy.

Spring Star Flower blooms open for an impressive amount of time, from late winter right through spring. For us it is as early as July and as late as November depending on where they are in our garden (those in shade tend to flower later).

Spring Star Flowers are a good choice for first time gardeners, or children because the results are fast and rewarding. They are an easy choice for the experts who love their low maintenance regime.

Plant them in a sunny position in any well drained soil. Water in then sit back and wait for spring! The mid green, clumping foliage is narrow and forms a handsome clump.

Grow Spring Star Flowers in pots, the edge of garden beds, along pathways or in rockeries. They are also amazing in ‘bulb lasagnes’ when they are planted over the top of bigger bulbs such as daffodils or tulips, you can layer bulbs both in the ground and in pots.

This is our recommendation for the best display, keeping in mind bulbs look best when planted nice and close together.

14cm/6” = 15 bulbs
20cm/8” = 30 bulbs
25cm/10” = 50 bulbs

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Botantical name

Ipheion uniflorum






Early to Late Spring


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness



Full Sun to Light Shade

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