Strawberries Lowanna

Strawberries Lowanna

High yields and an extended harvest.

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Strawberry 'Lowanna' is an Australian bred variety that is suitable to grow Australia wide. What makes it special is that it is day neutral and so crops for months on end, from October all the way through to late May. The fruit is big, red and glossy as well as yummy. Strong disease resistance.
Strawberry 'Lowanna' is day neutral which means it fruits throughout the year (whenever the temperate is between 20-30C). Plant growth is concentrated on fruit rather than runner production.
For the home gardener, being able to harvest bowlfuls of fresh, juicy, luscious strawberries is a must. Strawberries are good for you too, high in Vitamin C and packed with Antioxidants. The taste of home grown strawberries is so much sweeter than the ones from the supermarket, they are simply irresistible.

Strawberries flourish in well drained, fertile soils and need at least six hours sun a day to fruit well. It is a good idea to mulch your Strawberries to keep the area free of weeds and lock in the moisture. You should also protect your Strawberries from slugs, snails and birds.

Strawberries grow well in pots, vegetable gardens or ornamental beds.

Supplied as: Bare rooted



Botantical name

Fragaria x ananassa






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as

Bare rooted


Water needs