Verbascum Flush of White

Verbascum Flush of White

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These spires of white flowers are sure to impress, they are lovely and airy adding a whimsical feel to any garden.

Verbascum make great garden showpieces as the upright stems provide fantastic architectural interest. They are also really easy to care for, will survive poor soils, and you can even get two blooms in a season! You can even pick Verbascum flowers for indoor display.

The flowers are gorgeous on narrow, airy stems. After the first blooms begin to wane, you are best to cut the stems back, add some fertiliser and await the second round. But wait, there’s more, once the blooms have finished, they turn into handsome seed pods that mature to an attractive red black shade.

The deep green, oval shaped leaves of Verbascum grow close to the ground, allowing the flowers to steal the show.

Verbascum phoeniceum is a more compact variety perfect for the middle of beds or smaller gardens.

Plant your Verbascum in a full sun to part shade position. They thrive in any well drained, soils, even alkaline conditions, but in poorly drained soils the plants tend to rot. It is best to choose an area out of harsh winds, or you will have to be prepared to stake. Water in, then you will only have to bother if rainfall is low, they become quite dry tolerant once they are established.

Verbascums are commonly known as Mullein. These are biennial plants, the seeds are viable and should be allowed to fall to produce plants into the future.

Verbascum look wonderful in cottage gardens, dry gardens and coastal gardens.

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Botantical name

Verbascum phoeniceum






Spring to Summer


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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